About Us

Centre for Accessibility in Built Environment (CABE) is a non profit headquartered in New Delhi, India working to promote an equal society for every one irrespective of age, abilities, gender, sexual orientation, or any other diversity.  It advocates an enabling & inclusive environment for all by undertaking Capacity Building Programs for a wide range of stakeholders, Access Audit of Built Environment (including buildings, transport infrastructure & community spaces, Heritage sites etc).

Established on 01 April 2016 as an advocacy, research and capacity building organization to further the object of promoting accessibility in the built environment, transportation systems & community infrastructure and enhance mobility for all for a livable habitat, CABE is actively assisting the Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Govt. of India in its Accessible India Campaign.  


Subhash Chandra Vashishth, 
Subhash Chandra Vashishth is a Lawyer, Blogger, a developmental therapist & an Access Specialist, engaged in advocacy for human rights & working for inclusion of persons with disabilities in mainstream through policy reforms, legal intervention for disability rights & promoting physical accessibility in public infrastructure & transportation systems for the elderly & those with disabilities.  

He is an Expert Member for Accessibility on Bureau of Indian Standards' Committee on National Building Code (CED 46). He was also on the Core Committee of Ministry of Urban Development, Govt of India for Harmonization of Space Standards on Barrier free Environment for Elderly & Disabled Persons. He has also contributed to the BIS Committee on Smart Cities (CED 59) in preparation of Smart Cities Indicators. Mr. Vashishth is also on the panel of Jury for "We Care Film Festival " — an organisation which has been showcasing short films to raise awareness on disability issues, from around the world for over fifteen years.  

Besides a professional degree in Law, Subhash holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, Social Work & PG Diploma in Developmental Therapy (Cerebral Palsy & Other Neurologically Disabling conditions). He is a master trainer - Universal Design & Accessibility, Disability Laws, Tilting at Windmills - a Disability Equity Module, UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). 

    Amor Kool, 
    Director-Capacity Building
Amor Kool is a consulting Architect and Sustainability Consultant. He is converging the philosophy of sustainability with that of accessibility and universal design in his architectural practice. He has been involved with several research projects ranging from View Shed Analysis through Global Information System (GIS), to Global Collaboration Process through 4D modeling. 

Author of an academic book titled “A Leadership Guide for the construction professional” he is also a Member of BIS Technical Committee for Construction Management (including Life Safety in Construction), India, a Panel Member for Part 8 Section 1 Lighting and Ventilation; Part 4 Fire and Safety  & also on Panel on Part 11 Approach to Sustainability in National Building Code of India.  

He is an Accredited Professional for LEED and IGBC. He has a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from School of Architecture, IPSA, Indore, M.P, India and a Master’s Degree in Construction Management from University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.